Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Battle to be King or Queen - Road Tripping

It's that time of year when the UK paddlers make their way over the border for some sun, snow melt paddling and local culture (ahem beer).
The Nookie Team have been traversing the continent in search of sweet lines already this season.

Tom Wah has been putting the NEW Nookie Short Sleeve Ti Vest through its paces out in Slovenia.
"Best thing I've got for summer boating by far"
- his words, not ours.

©Flo Smith

Go Pro - King Of The Alps- 9/10/11 June 2017

The most exciting mass start marathon whitewater race is due to start this Saturday in Moos, Italy. Nookie Team Rider Bobby McKee (King Bob to his friends) will be there to defend his title, and local boy and Nookie Team Rider, Daniel Klotzner will be looking to regain his royal status once more.
With an incredible atmosphere, and great prizes this is an event not to miss.

Daniel Klotzner - Reigning King MMXV

Practice Laps

Daniel has already squeezed a few practice laps in on the finals course of the King Of The Alps in his Rush Jacket on the Passer Gorge this week.

Bob has been touring throughout Europe over the last few weeks getting his racing lines in to defend his open boat title.

©Lorenz Aquarius

Bobby & Mat.
Loisach, Germany.
©Alpine Paddlers Hub - Mat Howes
Rush Jacket
ImsterSchlute, Austria.
©Alpine Paddlers Hub - Mat Howes
Charger Drysuit
Tom.Soca, Slovenia.
©Tom Wah - Whirlwind Adventure
NEW Ti Vest - Navy Yellow

What the team wears

The new Rush Jacket and 1.0mm neoprene Ti Vest have been a huge hit with the Nookie Team this season.

The UK made Rush Jacket is a fully spec'd jacket with an adjustable neo neck. Perfect balance for ice cold water and sunny skies.
Nookie Rush Jacket
Rush Jacket
The Ti Vest is a firm favourite due to its comfortable flexible nature and super quick drying properties.
Ti Vest

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Nookie's RUSH under fire

Follow me with this test report of the RUSH to Patagonia.

The test conditions in brief:

- Test period: 21 days.
- Test area: Chile and Argentina (January / February).
- Test temperature: from 05 °C (07:00 h in the morning) to 25 °C
- Skill level: whitewater III – V

Nookie has designed a new high-end semi dry paddle jacket in their work’s own factory in Cornwall. Loyal to their motto – Quality, Made in the UK – the design, the production and the quality check flows out of their own hand. The result can be seen! 


Middle Fuy (Chile) © Alex Ax-Ro

Not only the look of conspicuous yellow, but also the high-quality processing of waterproof, but still breathable combination of EvoTX4 4ply and 3ply materials are impressive.  

© Nookie

© Nookie

The question of the performance is quickly answered. The convincing solution of the glideskin neoprene neck together with the individual adjustable elastic power band enhances this semi dry jacket almost to a dry jacket without losing the “free” feeling of a neoprene neck. On warmer days, I combined the Rush together with the ¾ Neoprene Wetsuit Strides, on colder days with the double waist Bib Dry Trousers. The features are topped of the ergonomic cut, offering a great spectrum of movement, which is usual for a slalom sport jacket.  


Upper Fuy (Chile) © Andreas Scherb

The double waist is very comfortably to pull. The final set-up is reached together with the adjustable outer waist tube and it’s perfectly working velcro. This synergy is categorically damming out the water.
The Rush is a very balanced semi-dry paddle jacket, not only for the extreme creeking athlete. The processing, the wearing comfort and the movement space are conjuring a smile on every face using it for sea kayaking, touring, easy whitewater paddling right up to the heavy waters of Patagonia.

Rio Manso(Argentina) © Thilo Wietzke


See you all on the water and stay always safe!

Alex Ax-Ro
Nookie Team Rider

Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Nookie Rivermonster XT Buoyancy Aid / PFD - When All You Need Is Everything...

The Nookie Rivermonster has a heritage in the Nookie range like no other product. It has supported generations of kayakers in its various editions and has a solid history in whitewater kayaking.

Nookie Rivermonster - 2016

It was first launched at the turn of the Century with a nearly inexhaustible list of features and high volume flotation.

Kipper; sporting a Nookie Rivermonster mark one.

This revolutionary addition to Nookie was popular among Team Riders, Swift Water Rescue experts and Weekend Warriors!

Swift water rescue training on our local River Dart.
Circa 2002.

Tested to its limits aroung the World, it offered safety, practical storage and extensive adjustability.

Team Rider James Weir imitating
infamous hair shampoo adverts in a
second generation Nookie Rivermonster.
Circa 2005.
Team Rider Ben White taking on the
Garbh Allt, Scotland.

Later generations were updated to new colourways with higher visibility through the addition of retroreflective panels on the upper half for safety.
Team Riders Alex and Ron taking a break in
the Nookie Rivermonster with the streamlined front pocket.
Circa 2008.

When the Rivermonster had it's first big revamp. The bulky front pocket was replaced with a layered neoprene pocket for equally good storage but a streamlined finish for less bulk. The intergrated pocket offers specific spaces and attachment points for carabiners and knives as well as enough space to stow slings, mobile phones and nutrition bars. The high-spec 50mm seatbelt webbing is used throughout as an integrated shoulder, waist and optional crotch harness system. This same high-spec webbing is also used for the quick release chest rescue belt.

The Rivermonster had softened. Its engineered more ergonomic fit offered more comfort on the water with improved adjustability. 

The latest version is available in a bright yellow with multi-layer shoulder padding that is second to none with the clever 'once-only' adjustment system. Designed to keep the same great fit every time you put it on.

Team Rider Alex Ro having a great day on the water.
Team Rider James Weir in
full rescue mode.

Team Riders around the world still push the Nookie Rivermonster to its limit every day.

Check out all its great features and videos here!

Friday, November 20, 2015

Bespoke Printing For Your Activity Centre or Club

We offer a personalised printing service

We can print your company logo on NKE Buoyancy Aids and NKE Jackets so they are easy to identify as well as advertise your company.

Once Only Set-Up Fee
We only charge a set-up fee the first time you order. The artwork is kept on file so there’s no need to pay for set-up each time you order.

It's really simple... place your order with our Sales Team and then follow the 3 steps below.

Call or email our Sales Team for a full quote now
01822 832 333 or

1. Send Your Logo

Email your logo to us and
our clever designer will
transform it into a vinyl print.
We accept all sorts of files
from .jpgs, .psd, .ai and .pdf.

If you're not sure, just ask.

2. Approve Artwork

We will then email you back
with a colour .jpg for your
approval. It will clarify any
amendments we've had to
make to your logo to put it
through our one-colour
print process.

3. Receive Good

Once we have your approval,
we'll crack on and print all
your lovely products.

We'll pack them up safely
and courier them to you
as soon as they're ready.
Our busy design and production
team can't wait to get their hands
on your logo.

As soon as we receive your logo,
we convert it to a file that our
plotting machine will cut out
with pin point accuracy.

We then hand pick out
the design ready to print.
Your logo is then pressed on your
buoyancy aid or jacket and
sealed with heat. They are then
re-packed and shipped    
straight to your door.

        This process is extremely durable,     
we have used it for nearly a

We have many happy customers
because of the fantastic quality
and visual impact.

Call our Sales Team for a quote now 01822 832 333 or email

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Thermal layering for on, off and in the water.

I love this time of year. The leaves are changing colour and the rain starts falling to fill up our beautiful rivers.

It also means it's time to start wrapping up warm to enjoy as much time on the water and out in the elements as possible. This gives me the opportunity to share my tips and thoughts on layering.

Layering your breathable, waterproof and thermal clothing can help to keep you warm, dry, comfortable and safe in and on the water. By choosing a variety of garments it allows you to add or remove layers to react to the conditions and your own body temperature. It's always a good idea to plan ahead what you want to wear, what to take with you and even what to have ready waiting for you as soon as you get back to the car!

Personally I would recommend a base layer all year round. In the summer it keeps you cool by wicking moisture away from your skin and in the winter it keeps you warm by trapping air close to your body.

How should it fit?
A base layer should be tight fitting so the fabric is close to the skin to work most effectively.

What should it be made of?
At Nookie we believe for watersports a synthetic base layer offers better performance because it dries much quicker than natural fabrics such as wool.

What do we recommend? 
Nookie Softcore Thermal Base Layer.
© @tommyhatwell
OK, first things first, everybody who has this top, loves it. One of our customers, Ben, emailed us when he opened his delivery from Nookie to find his brand new Softcore Top inside:

"What is this top made from?! It's so soft I want to cry. It's like it's made from clouds or angel wings!"

We know you'll want to feel it for yourself after that description!

Our Nookie Softcore is actually made from our incredible Softcore fabric, comprised of a Nylon and Spandex blend that is quick drying, stretches 4-ways and is super-soft and furry against your skin. The UPF30+ offers sun protection when you need it, which is great if you choose the short sleeve option in the summer.

What can you use it for?
The Softcore Thermal Base? Anything! Literally anything. We know from customers, Team Riders and our in-house factory team that it works brilliantly for nearly any activity.
Kayaking, Canoeing, Walking, Running, Skiing, Snowboarding, Mountain Biking, Road Cycling, Outdoor Circuit Training, Surfing Rash Vest, Motorcycling, Rafting... to name but a few!

Softcore Thermal Base Layer

This layer is designed to trap the warmth your body creates, as well as further wicking away any perspiration from activity. In watersports you might choose a quick drying fleece or a neoprene/wetsuit layer.

How should it fit?
A mid layer should fit comfortably and does not have to be as tight as a base layer. It works by trapping air between your layers, so a fit like a snug jumper would work nicely.

What should it be made of?
In most situations it should be a breathable synthetic fabric, but occasionally a neoprene/wetsuit layer may be a better choice because of it's windproof properties.

What do we recommend?
We have three great mid layers that we would recommend. The Nookie Thermalcore100 Top and the Nookie Iceman All-In-One are both made from Polartec® Classic100 Recycled Fleece for warmth and wicking.
Iceman All-In-One
The Nookie Ti Vest 1mm Neoprene is a great choice if you don't need as much breathability (less active) but want more protection and warmth from the wind.

Ti Vest Short & Long Sleeve

What can you use it for?
The Nookie Iceman is a versatile one-piece. Primarily designed for cold kayaking expeditions, this stylish thermal has a following that includes RAF pilots, heating engineers, hard-core campers and any one on a river shuttle run.

Use the Thermalcore 100 everyday! It's a great technical mid layer, but it's really popular as a climate control jumper for want of a better description.  It's often seen around Nookie HQ at this time of year (not to mention the local Pub too).

The Ti Vest is a good choice if you're likely to get wet. It's popular with surf kayakers as a mid/outer layer, but it's also popular with recreational paddlers who feel the cold but aren't exerting a lot of energy.

Depending on what activity you're doing on the water, means you need to choose the right outer layer for you. This layer should protect you from the wind and rain, and if you choose, keep you dry in the water. It should also be breathable to help release the active moisture your base and mid layers have wicked to the surface.

Why not read our Drywear Guide for helpful advice about how to choose between a full drysuit, or a layering system of jackets and trousers.

Have fun out there this autumn, and whatever you do, make sure you keep yourself safe and warm!


Hazel, Designer @ Nookie
in her Thermalcore 100 mid layer

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Nookie Boardies - our new favourite shorts

The design team are pretty excited about the new Nookie Boardies. 

 Sometimes what seems to be the simplest design takes the longest to get right.

A phenomenal amount of careful pattern design, fabric specification, sampling and customer feedback have gone into these simple board shorts to make sure they're perfect.
 Made from a soft polyester fabric that not only hangs nicely when worn, but dries incredibly quickly to make them comfortable to wear literally every day.

Replacing the traditional Velcro fly with a Lycra gusset and lace tie makes these shorts soft against the skin and easy to adjust. Not to mention they avoid embarassing Velcro bulges when sitting down ;)

 Great attention to detail has gone in to making really useful pockets. The generous hand pockets are exactly that; perfect for mooching about.

The clever 'hidden' pocket inside the right seam is zipped shut to keep its contents safe. Add to that a useful shockord/bungee loop inside to attach your keys or other valuables to and you'll never lose them.

Available in two colours, grey with blue trim, or grey with yellow trim.

Wear them on a board, in a boat, at the beach or in a bar!
We hope they'll also be your new favourite shorts pretty soon too.