Monday, November 27, 2006

Composite Creeking

Last week the rivers were all very full here in Devon and so I decided to add some spice to one of our local runs which when high is a good grade 4+. To make it more of a challenge I ran it in a 3 metre glass/kevlar composite Pyranha Stunt Bat built in 1993. Compared with modern river boats this behaves in a comletely different manner due to its rounded hull and narrow profile. I had to relearn old turning techniques and indeed run the rapids in a different way. I also had get to grips with the tippy feeling of a rounded hull. I chose a big water day so there would be less rocks to hit however there were more holes of which some gave me a good deal of sporty action. The best buzz about this boat is the feeling of real speed as it fires down the rapids and of course the bemused looks of other boaters (in creek boats) as I pass them by.

Steve Whetman