Friday, May 11, 2007


Dear fans, family, friends, groupies, boat-lovers, (and the guy that lurks in the bushes waiting for the sun to come up over our wednesday morning training sessions)...During the weekend of August 31st 2007, sixteen intrepid, fearless, toned-to-perfection girls will dare to go where no woman in her right mind has ever gone before and dragonboat across the English Channel, sponsored by Scion Films, Collins Stewart, Nookie, EDS and Pindar.
It will take us not only many hours to cross but will involve every single one of the days, weeks and months of training we have undertaken since November 2006 if we are to make it across there at all and not capsize in Dover harbour, to the chagrin of our sponsors. For once, we cannot rely on our looks, cleavages, fabulous hair or glorious wit to get us to this particular finishing line, and although seducing french fishermen will be an excellent pastime for those long hours in the boat, we know that the only thing we will have on that day is our determination, our strength and our training...
...And your help.
In the lead up to it the sisters will compete in various events from The London Marathon to adventure races to Venice regatta to triathlons.
We call ourselves The Scion Sisterhood and we are raising money for two hugely valuable charities in the UK. 1) The CHASE Ben Hollioake Fund supporting life-limited children. These are children who are not expected to live past the age of 19. 2) The Babes in Arms Appeal, carrying out research into cot death, still birth and infant abnormaltiesEvery penny raised goes straight to the charities. There are no overhead and admin costs to sap your kind donations. Over the year there will be several fundraising events organised, all will be posted on our own website which is listed below. And you will get to come and hang out with the Sisterhood, who in times of social rather than sporting need, never fail to showcase their aforementioned talents. In the meantime....dig deep, followers, dig deep.... Do hand over your pennies or your millions and continue to encourage us in this most important and critical mission.
Let the channel challenge begin.
Yours The Scion Sisterhoodx