Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Ugg has a new kayak/V shock Test.
Teamrider Vickers tests out the Nookie V Shock deck last week on Moneydrop in Norway. The landing sends the boater deep under water applying heavy pressure on the deck. On this test the deck held the pressure and did not implode. Previous boaters that day had run the drop with another brand of deck and they all experienced deck implosions!

Ugg has a new kayak which is a Lettmann production "Bullet" made in composite kevlar/carbon. The boat has a semi flat hull and is narrow compared with the latest ww river kayaks and so more unstable but much more responsive. The superlightweight material and stiff hull makes it very fast and its acceleration is a huge grin factor. The challenge is to have the skill to keep up with its speed and avoid the rocks! Ugg is off to Norway to test it out at the Sweet Rumble Extreme Race. Latest reports are of huge water levels which should be interesting! he will also test out the next generation of Nookie dry top which has many unique features...more on that later.