Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Alpkit Challenge, North Wales

The 8th and 9th saw the second Alpkit Challenge which was held on the Trywern. The first day was the freestyle, this was held on the NRA wave just below the rafted section. Everyone was alittle worried as we had never used this feature before for an event as its been very flushey in the past, but a few blocks up stream have created a good feature. After a very tight scoring first run i made it through to the semi finals in 8th place hopeing to gain some places in the next round. The next heat didnt go to plan and finished up in the same place 8th, which i was happy with.
The second day was the boat across, this is were you race against three other paddlers down a set course, the first to go over the finish line then move up into the next round. These lucky paddlers race again untill you are left with the last four for the final. This went very well for myself, working hard making into the semi's. But my luck ran out and i was disgualified as i had gone over a start line before the whistle. So the lesson to anyone reading this is, always find out where the start line is. As a big red banner thats says start on it is not aways in the write place! Other then that a great event, the next one will be held at the Nene white water centre 29th-30th of September.