Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Kayaking Essentials

"It's not that I don't go boating or do anything exciting, it's just I haven't found myself a pet photographer yet!" My words to Dan yesterday when he was on the scrounge for some new pics for the Team Riderz page.

There's a lot of discussion on forums about what you need to take when you go kayaking, 'rescue this', 'keep dry that', but if you ask me the two most important necessities are:
1. a great little pet photographer and
2. a shuttle bunny (easy on your eye, and ideally carries your boat too - and as I'm a girl, my shuttle bunny is a boy so he's a bit stronger).

It's difficult to find either of these rare breeds, and if you do find one, it's even more difficult to keep them focused and motivated. I have trouble keeping my Shuttle Bunny out of the pub (thus rendering him a little unsafe), and now find it difficult to encourage him to come along at all (apparently spending your weekends in a wet carpark is not fun). I also decided to give him a test run as a pet photographer, but he got bored and starting filming cows on the river bank!
If you find a good Shuttle Bunny remember to keep them happy and buy them pressies, visit to see our Shuttle Bunny tees.
Good luck in your kayaking essentials quest!