Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Life is hard...

Last week saw the return of summer to England, so we decided to get out on (and in) the water.
We decided to have a photo shoot (or two or three) for our new catalogue. This involves rounding up a few pretty girls and a few extras around the office and setting off to the North Coast of Cornwall to have a laugh (I mean - "work hard").
Yet again we got our hands on a few power boats and kayaks and spent the day enjoying ourselves in the sun. (Oh, and taking a few pics too.)

I'm not yet sure whether our Production Assistant Robyn has forgiven me for taking the wheel of the boat yet! I thought when she screamed it meant she wanted to go faster, oops.

Pic: Beta testing our Ti-Glide Skull Caps...

Oh yeah... "I love my job"

You can download the catalogue here: