Monday, October 01, 2007

Alpkit Challenge, Nene

The 29th and 30th saw the third leg of the Alpkit Challenge, this was held at Northampton White Centre the Nene to those who know it. The Saturday was the day of the boat across, for this you had to run 50m with your boat to the top of the course, then race down making certain gates. At the start you where given one of four colour's, this is how you knew which gates to go around. This was to try and create more overtaking as the course is very tight and not much chance to get past anyone. My biggest mistake was selling my creek boat before the event, leaving me the only option to use my freestyle boat which is much slower. After a lot of hard work, bannanas and jaffa cakes i manged to make it all the way through to the semi's. Sunday was the day of the freestyle, this was held in pool A a very tricky pourover. Not many big moves can be done here, so it turns into a chartwheel fest making it a close call between paddlers. Again making it into the semi's i ended up finishing in 8th place. Overall a very good well run event.