Friday, October 05, 2007

The NEW Rivermonster Buoyancy Aid

It's busy, busy, busy here at Nookie HQ and I've got a new toy to offer you : ) It's already been spotted on the river and caused a bit of a a commotion, yes, we've done a ground up redesign of our Rivermonster.
The classic 70N Rivermonster has been updated and improved for even better performance and comfort when you need it most. It will still keep you afloat in gnarly swims yet won’t hinder your performance when rollin’. The high strength shoulder webbing network now offers a full harness system. This new design features a failsafe krab park, with an extra pocket slot for other useful rescue equipment due to demand. The Rivermonster’s sleek new look utilises a spacious stretchy neoprene pocket yet still offers an integral dry bag for all those essential electronic items such as car keys and mobile phones. The internal D-Ring is ideal for attaching a rescue whistle or non-electric car keys. Adjust the quick release compression straps to personalise the fit of your Rivermonster the first time you wear it... and never again! This is Nookie’s unique ‘once only’ adjustment system, just pop the clips to release.

The 50mm reversible and removable chest belt has retainers that minimise the danger of accidental hook up. They are positioned to create a kink in the chest belt on the contrast panel for easy krab location in an emergency situation. The shoulder straps are padded to offer clavicle protection. The shell is constructed from Cordura with bar tacks at high stress points for maximum durability.