Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Nookie boyz & Scotland

So 10 days ago myself and Mr Weir found ourselves in bonny Scotland with a group of clients and very little water.

With a bag of Nookie toys from the lovely folks in custard country we headed out in search of water..... We all got kitted up ready to hit the river and it was great to see the high quality taste of the clients with so many of them sporting fine Nookie garments. In particular much love was given by all to our new Zone Paddle Jackets and new River Monsters which are amazing.

During the week we took our wicked clients (who were mostly under 18 years old) off to do some creeking. They sampled the delights of the Orchy, Awe, Etive & its tributaries and many hours listening to tunes in the minibus. By the end they were sliding, boofing and hammering like pro's.
It was great to see such a cool group of young people all kitted up in their Nookie paddling kit, enjoying their boating and showing great potential for the future.
Now back in the valley, it is time to find my desk and the weir for 5 days before I hang up my kayak, relocate to North Wales and change weapons to a canoe for a week and Mr Weir I believe is down sampling the hospitality of custard country.

Cheers & Beers
Rob Yates