Thursday, November 08, 2007

A week at work, well nearly
This week I have been working in the Nookie factory in Cornwall. Part of my job as a Nookie Team Rider is to assist with the design and development of new products and the marketing and advertising of present products. All kinds of crazy things have gone down in the name of progress, cutting up cags and sewing them back together again, sewing zips into top secret Zoot suits, cutting down latex neck seals with a circular saw, modelling T shirts for the street wear catalogue, testing ankle seals in buckets of water and logoing up my new bus. Here are a few photos to help explain, a picture paints a thousand words and all that.

Chief designer Hazel testing an ankle seal on her head, this is revenge for the silly photo of me stuck in a dry suit she posted earlier this week, hahaha!

The top secret Zoot suit, sshhh don't tell anybody

Pimp my ride Nookie style, thanks Dan

Time for a new River Monster

Nice new T shirts for me to strike a catalogue pose in

So having caused chaos here I'm off, coaching open boating this weekend then off home to Switzerland on Monday. On the way I will drop off some new things for team rider Ron Fischer before he heads out to Chile.
Peace out world
James Weir