Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Doug Cooper's African travels Part 1

Upon arrival in Marakech I swiftly realised that this place was much the same as most African countries. A jostling hub of activity with everyone trying to get a bit of the action . In and around Marakech is the same as most touristic places so after a day of trawling round shops with the boys I wanted out, so fortunately they had decided that it was a little costly so on we went , scoring a cab at a sweet price we headed desert side and in to the Atlas Mountains.
After five hours we arrived on the coast and were dropped in a odd campsite more like a desert full of German oldies in their super buses. That night we grabbed a cab to the nearest town, Tagazout, possibly the scariest experence I have ever had. I tried to put my seat belt on and the driver went nuts reminding me that seatbelts in Morocco were not done as he careered all over the road, back wheels sliding out. The rest of the drive I clung on to the door handle in terror.

Once in Tagazout we grabbed pizza and were offered a house to stay in for dirt cheap, in fear of sleeping in the desert for more than one night we took it, so at five pounds each a night we had a pad to die for equipped with a combined shower and toilet and a pimping balcony over looking the beach. We were set to entertain some sic sunsets and mad surf. Morning dawned bringing huge swell and even bigger pipes. Alan and I hopped in our boats and confronted the enemy, a messy 12 ft break greeted us with the beating of our lives. After an hour of what could be called carnage battling against strong winds and bigger waves we retired for the day.
The next day brought perfect 10 ft pipe. Once out back, waves were easy to pick and the first wave i took off on was around 11 ft as I dropped over the lip I thought that this must not be to dis-similar to seal-launching off the roof of my house. Once carving I had to keep my edge hard as the wave was begging to take me back and give me a good rinse cycle, finally making the line I turned forward and launched an air screw which must have cleared 6 feet landing back on the other side of my rail I realised that combo moves were more than good to go. The wave caught up and then kicked my ass, now I'm hooked.
I have been riding every day and often on more than one break in a day.