Friday, December 21, 2007

Steve Ugg's Victory

Steve Ugg is the winner of the South West Enduro Championship 2007.

After a gruelling season of dirtbike races in the clubman division. The year started with a good race in January only to discover afterwards he had broken ribs. As the season progressed first position wins indicated Ugg may be on for the championship but there were many top riders after the trophy. The extreme nature of the sport gave the air ambulance a busy time at almost each event. After intense training in the spring with the FrontrowGB Dakar team in Romania Ugg stepped up his game and started lapping the opposition and the trophy was in the bag!
Nookie Amara gloves were the best kit. They endured the intense wear and tear and gave plenty of grip. The Nookie Bank Jacket was good protection during the super wet muddy races.