Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Nookie Hits the US

Well, its been several months in the making, but Nookie has touched down in the US with avid reception. My name is Tony Zanetti, and I am the US Sales Rep for the gear you all love, Nookie (thats me in the brown Nookie Hoody). I have been hard at work promoting the company and its equipment. Here is what I have been up to so far.
This past weekend, I loaded up the trailer and headed out to Bob's Hole on the Clackamas River in Oregon. I met DragoRossi Regional Paddler, Robby Virostek and set up shop with samples of all the latest and greatest from Nookie. I had extra Zone Shells, V Shock Decks, and Xtreme Dry Trousers on hand for folks to test and people were flipping out. After five hours and more then three dozen people trying gear, I packed up.

I sent a sample set of the Zone Shell, Xtreme Dry Trousers, and V Shock Deck to the sales manager, Luke Spencer, at Portland's most popular Kayak and Outdoor Store, Next Adventure. Luke has tested products from every kayak company in the industry and here is what he thinks - "The dry top and pants were awesome! I love the extended neoprene around the waist area, it really helps keep you dry, they are also very comfy. Dryness was as good as your gonna get for not being one piece. They are by far the best pants I have used yet! The top was awesome. I had a little bit of water come through the cuffs but overall 8 out of 10 on dryness. 9 or 10 on comfort. 9 on looking good. Durability seemed of the highest quality but only time will tell how it wears over the long term. Comfortability on neck and wrist is a 10! I would own this top. The tunnel system is easy to use, comfortable and well thought out."

The cold climate here in the Northwest is the perfect time to get a true test of the gear. I thought I would throw this shot in of Robby and his brother Joey suiting up for some ocean surfing.
Earlier in the season, Nookie products tagged along on a 26 person 'fun paddle' down my back yard river, the East Fork Lewis in Washington. Despite the snow, the level was great, and the Zone Shells, Xtreme Trousers, paired up with Thermal Core Top and Thermal Core Pants was the perfect comfort combination.
I have had a steady flow of interest across the country, so I will keep you all updated on where you can get your Nookie in the States, very soon.
Tony Z