Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Water, Water, everywhere - but not a drop in North Wales

A week of rain bought floods to most of the UK, so with this news its time to head to the hills.

Frantic end of week phone calls e-mails and text's gather everyone in the newly refurbished Conwy Falls Cafe [shameless plug - the coffee's good, home made cake and chips are even better!], only to find out its been mildly damp.

Low water runs only then! It'd be rude not to go for a couple of laps of the mighty Aberglaslyn before hiking 2Km up Snowdon to go explore the Cwm Llan slides.

A classic North Wales rock ditch fest all in the name of fun!

Mental Note: Nookie's super reinforced elbows are far better at shrugging off Welsh rock than my boney ones!

Later Ben