Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Canyon Creek Race (Washington State, USA)

Last weekend I made the gruelling 11 mile journey out my back yard to the Canyon Creek Race. With a truck full of kayaks and a trailer packed with Nookie Kit, I arrived at the event site to find the parking lot already full at 7:15 in the morning, which is unheard of for boaters.
I squeezed next to the registration booth, dropped the awning, and began hanging Kit. Folks were already checking out the gear before I had most of it unpacked.
Looking around, I could tell the competition would be intense. To make the event a greater draw for a wide range of paddlers there were catagories for Kayaks, Rafts, and Inflatable Kayaks. Which in turn, also made the carnage great.
Spectators lined the banks and it was a site to see.
The Oregon Raft Team (ORT) was styling as usual and will be a group to watch throughout the season

Robby Virostek was sporting the Nookie gear and at 17 years old, showing up most of the competition. His dad Robert was on hand taking photos for and should be given credit for some of these great shots.
After the day was through, everyone headed to Oly's place up On the East Fork Lewis for Food, Drinks, Music, and Awards.
The second day, after hang overs were managable, competitors and spectators assended on Sunset Falls on the East Fork Lewis for a Waterfall Huck Competition. After a few hours of beating themselves on the falls, everyone packed up their rigs and headed back to their jobs as mortals.
Here is a note from the Organiser:

This years 2008 Northwest Creek Competition exceeded everyones expectations! With the tempature reaching 80 degrees and almost 90 competitors including a huge showing in the IK and R2 classes this event was an absolute success!! With that said we couldn't have done it without our sponsors!! I appreciate everyone who took the time to out of their busy schedules to respond and support the NWCC! I look forward to working with everyone next year!

Thanks Again
Luke Spencer
NWCC Organiser

I brought my son out for the Sunset Falls Huck and amused ourselves for hours.
This was the start to my travel season and now I head off to Spokane Washington for the Corbin Kickoff April 19th
Tony Z
Nookie North America