Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Doug Cooper releases teaser of new film!

After 5 years of intense country hopping we decided that it was probably time to start documenting some of it on film. Fortunatly good friend and film maker Rae set about teaching me how to use a camara. After two more years of foreign travel with the boys we finally sat down in January to compile a kayaking movie .

The film takes you through Europe, Canada, deepest darkest East Africa, good old England and the barren coast line of Morocco.

Introducing Dan Chamlet, Rob Harris, Pikey, Lachie Carracher (oz), Alan Ward, Piers Bucknell, James Bradly, Matt Kenna and many more, the film will be available from all good kayak stores hopefully in about a month. Until then enjoy the trailer...........

Doug Cooper

Nookie Team Rider