Sunday, April 20, 2008

Korsika and a few of my favourite things

I have recently returned from 10days of kit testing in Korsika and thought here and now was the time and the place to report the experience. Several paddlers we met could not help commenting on the fact that nearly everything in the bus was branded Nookie, even the bus itself. Nookie make nearly everything I need to keep warm and dry on the river and look good on the beach, thanks Nookie.

Things we like and think you will too.

The Assault Cag
- The latest hardcore whitewater cag is in its final stages of testing and is looking good. The new motocross inspired mesh reinforcing on the elbows was of particular use for protecting my bones on the rocky creeks of Korsika.
Verdict; if you go creek boating or are prone to bumping your elbows pre order an Assault at your local dealer now.

Thermal Core Top - Warm, well cut and stylish, I had mine on all the time. On its own in the morning and evening or under a cag in the daytime, strangely even after days of constant use it didn't smell, unlike me!
Verdict; throw out all your old smelly thermals and buy a thermal core.

RV50 - A slightly smaller whitewater buoyancy aid, ideal for paddlers with shorter bodies. Lilli has been trying out the RV50 and found it to be a super comfy buoyancy aid that didn't ride up to her chin.
Verdict; if you have a short body or hate having a buoyancy aid that sits under your chin try a RV50 for size.

Korsika - A French island in the Med, loads of quality whitewater rivers from grade cruisy to xtra sporty, nice wine, friendly people and generally speaking awesome (except for the refuse disposal infrastructure).
Verdict; if the idea of creeking in the day and hanging on the beach drinking red wine in the evening is your idea of fun then Korsika is for you.

Thanks Nookie for all the lovely stuff you send us, when the going gets hard it's good to know we have kit that will keep us warm, dry and happy.

Stay safe world,