Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Sun to Snow - Thanks!

From 40 degree C, Sunshine, Big volume of the the Nile in Uganda to the Arctic, blizzard, low water conditions of Scotland!

First stop was the 6 day SRA Raft Guide qualification, run by a good friend Cam Allan off of Brookbank Scotland. 6 days of rubber bus driving & jumping in and out of rivers! Thankfully, whilst I've been away playing in the sun, The guy's at Nookie have been beavering away making lots of new cool stuff to keep you warm and dry in these very situations.

To test this new gear even further after 6 days of abuse I headed further north [and west] to find more snow and more rivers. No rubber bus this time just the trusty Pyranha Burn...

...Mission accomplished, 10 days in / on / off / trampling around a river in some of the harshest condition the UK can throw at you! All in the name of product development, its a hard life, well this time it was a cold one anyway ;-)

Staying warm and dry, Ben