Wednesday, May 21, 2008

French Spring 08’ - Léo Carpene

The Freestyle kayaking season in France has already started since a few months now and all the different waves worked one after the other.
Noisiel wave started to work in February for the whole month. That was nice, because my houseboat is about 300 meters from Noisiel’s dam. All the paddlers from Paris came for the occasion; we even had Sam Ward paddling with us as he stayed two weeks on my boat to visit France. It was the right time for us to take some shots and to warm up before the coming of big waves.

We then had the competition season with two stages of the French National selection: Millau and Metz.
Millau was under the snow, the wind and the cold water whereas Metz was a super cool contest in the centre of the town with the sun, good music and nice girls =)
The hole was pretty easy and it was the time to try Butterflies for the first time.

Here is a video of the week end:

The water rose up on the Doubs the same week-end I had to help my girl-friend moving house so I did not catch La Scie and La Malate but I was so upset that I drove 10 hours alone directly to Lyon and I got all the different levels in four days. When I arrived the water was super high and I went down very fast as I was here. It was hot and nobody was on the water except me and Mathieu Dumoulin. We had crazy sessions!

Checks the pics and the small clip I made:

I know going to Gabon for 6 months training on the sea and getting ready for the Worlds in Thun!
See you when I’ll be back…


Léo Carpene

Nookie Team Rider