Friday, June 20, 2008

Good things come to those who wait…

One of my favourite places on the planet has to be St Davids on the SW coast of Wales, a sleepy little place, dotted with tea shops full of old people. Not the most rocking place for a kayaker but that’s not why you go there! It’s home to the largest tidal race off the British coast - the Bitches

The Bitches

The tide height was due to build through the week, unfortunately we were hampered by random sea fog so couldn’t make the 1.5 mile trip out to sea [a little hard when visability is down to 10ft!]– luckily there is plenty of other stuff to do, surfing, diving in and out of tea shops, crab fishing and rock hopping, through the awesome coastline caves oh and Dolphin spotting [yes off the coast of the UK!]– so we didn’t get bored.

Sarah Exploring the Caves

A couple of lazy days later, the fog left, the sun came out, the swell picked up as did the tide – good things come to those who wait, time for the main event…

Soul Surfing the Top Wave

Head honcho Bill and top Designer Hazel from Nookie called by for the big tides as did Nookie team paddler Tim Copplestone. Arriving just in time for the tidal race to start working we played on all the features until the tide was spent, paddling back as the sun set over the horizon.

Bill Ripping in his Sea Kayak

Hmmm the magic of the Bitches

Bill and Hazel chilling out in the eddy

Ben White