Monday, June 09, 2008

Team Rider Alex Keller - Swiss Adventures

In the centre part of the Swiss Alps, the River Reuss starts at its source up at the Gotthard massiv. A short section, called the Schöllenen Gorge, offers some of Swiss most continues whitewater and counts as one of the
most impressives spots of all. At the famous Devil's Bridge, the Reuss enters over four huge drops into the gorge and offers in the middle of big granite boulders for about 5-7km a neverending class 5 creek - depending on waterlevels: at lower levels, the entry drops are good to run, what you get severel times a year, but only a few times, you catch some higher levels which make the lower part of the gorge what it's really about.
Last week, after some highwater-melting-days, the levels droped down to perfect cubic numbers to put in on the lower section. We caught a nice day and went for the ride of this Spring.

Start up with a nice slide kicker
Kees Van Kuipers flies to hell
Neverending granite gorge
chibbn' boof
some ducktape-promotion

peace out