Friday, July 04, 2008

The Swiss Alps & Don Ron

A few weeks ago, i had another weekend full of water here in the Swiss Alps. Because of lot's of snow in the late winter, we have had the best spring season since i started kayaking.

With my good friend Luke Wielatt we went to the upper parts of the famous river Reuss. This river has a lot of beautiful sections like the "Schöllenengorge" or the "Gurtnellen", but they're only runnable in spring or after rain because of the many f..... dam's we have.

This weekend the flow was perfect for that runs, but we wanted to check out some new creeks which are coming down from the Gotthard- and Furka- Pass. The road on the riversides are steep and make one 180degree-turn to the next. Normally, rivers beside roads like those have too much gradient, but not these ones. What we found, was much better than i could believe! Un-countable drops and slides and all of them good to go!

The "Gusbisreuss" and "Wittenwasserenreuss" showed us a perfect playground for steep creeking. Thank's! The pictures above show you why i like these rivers.

Don Ron