Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Upper Glenner River, a side creek of the Vorderrhein

(the gorge, pic by Alex)

On the Upper Glenner river, a side creek of the Vorderrhein, there's a
sweet run between two classical sections. Not too often people run this,
because some breathtaking portages make you work. When the snowmelting
time is over, there's still enough water in this section and thats why
it counts as one of just a few cool whitewater runs in summertime in its

(Team nookie-look, pic by Alex)

This day Ron Fischer and Alex Keller found some perfect conditions to
run it. The section "Lumbrein" offers all you need for a long
afternoon-creek: A thin deep gorge that's hard and only at a few spots
to leave makes every step more serious, some really cool class 5 rapids,
and a horrorable portage if you don't want to run the keyrapid -
that's probably even more dangerous then just running it...(ask Alex
why) And after all that, there waits a nice paddle-out with some class 4
rapids that you just can paddle all on sight and enjoy.

(entry drop, pic by Ron)
(portage stuff, pic by Ron)
(key drops, pic by Alex)
(key drops, pic by Alex)
(key drops, pic by Alex)
(exit drop, pic by Ron)
(exit drop, pic by Ron)

(exit drop, pic by Alex)
Alex Keller & Ron Fischer
Nookie Team Riderz