Thursday, August 14, 2008

What’s it all about…..

A few weeks ago I wrote on my Facebook page ‘Rob is off to Norge to live a Nookie Life…’

Now this to me seemed quite self explanatory and obvious as to what I meant, but soon messages were arriving saying ‘Nookie Life what do you mean?’ So as opposed to explaining individually to everyone what this means, I thought I would just write once for every one to read what it means to me.

I suppose to me living a Nookie Life means hat you take every opportunity that is presented to you, squeeze the most in to life, do good things for other people, travel any where and every where for the perfect paddle and work damn hard at having a great life.

So my Nookie Life this summer has taken me all over the place but two places that are sticking in my mind so far are two weeks coaching creeking to a group of young people in Norway

and todays Hurley early session in the sun

A massive thanks to young boater Finn Burrows who has put together these videos and is starting to live a Nookie Life…. He is a paddler to watch out for in the future, 16 yrs old and styling it.

Any way I’d love to stop and chat but have a ferry to catch to France. Another mission, another load of smiles and new friends to be made.


Rob Yates