Monday, September 01, 2008

The life of a Ti Vest

Me and my Ti Vest on the podium WorldCup2 Augsburg 2008, photo Timmy Raa

Whilst competing in the rafting high ender contest at the Thun RiverJam at the weekend my Ti Vest died, the left arm got ripped off! I was quite sad as my Ti Vest is one of my favourite Nookie products and reflecting back prompted me to write a few words to big up what is quite simply a superb product.
Whilst preparing for the 2003 Worlds in Graz I called Nookie HQ and asked for a shorty cag as I was expecting the weather to be good, "No more shorties, why not try a Ti Vest they are much better" was the reply I got. Like most people I am quite sceptical when other people try to change my mind, I wanted a shorty cag not a neoprene vest, but I bit the bullet and said I'd try it. That was one of the best kit decisions I have ever made, Ti Vests rock, quick drying, warm, easy on and off and nearly bombproof, mine lasted 5years and I have been boating a hell of a lot in the last 5years.

Plattling 2003, photo Dave Lambley

Penrith 2004 training for rodeo Worlds, photo Sarah Bell/Fishibusiness

Wakeboarding in Cornwall 2006, photo Steve Childs

Club wave, White Nile, Uganda 2006, photo Lilli Winter

Augsburg Eiskanal 2007, photo Lilli Winter

Rafting on the Vorderrhein 2007, photo Steffi Blochwitz

Augburg WorldCup 2008, photo Timmy Raa

I have worn my Ti vest in 2 World Championships, 2 World Cups, 1 European Championship, countless Eurocups, on 3 continents, for open canoeing, C1 paddling, surfing, wakeboarding and rafting. I guesstimate I paddle over 1000hours a year and most of that in warm, sunny places, Ti Vest places. My Ti Vest has lasted me 5years and maybe 3000hours on the water and now it is shagged, pretty good for £39.99 I would say. So my tip for the day is buy one here and now.
Paddle safe and enjoy life,