Tuesday, October 28, 2008

2008 British Surf Kayak Open Championship

Saturday 28th & Sunday 29th October saw surf kayakers from all over the UK travel to East Strand, Portrush for the annual British Surf Kayak Open Championships.

Conditions on Saturday have a good size surf with very strong off shore winds. The Nookie sponsored Open HP category ran through to the quarter final stages on the first day and saw some of the biggest names in UK surf kayaking compete in the tough conditions.

Sunday opened with lighter winds and slightly smaller surf, allowing the ladies, masters and junior categories to run without delay.
Conditions continued to improve during the day and the finals of the Open HP event ran in great conditions.

The final saw Northern Ireland’s Corin King, Chris Hobson and Jonny Bingham take on Steve Bowens from England.

Chris Hobson – Yellow Bib, Corin King – Red Bib

Jonny Bingham

Steve Bowens

Chris Hobson

Corin King

Jonny Bingham

In what was an energetic final, all competitors showed that the level of surf kayaking in the UK is definitely world class.

After a short wait while the results were tabulated, everyone gathered to see who the judges thought was the new British Open Champion.

The final results were:

1st – Jonny Bingham
2nd – Chris Hobson
3rd – Corin King
4th – Steve Bowens

L-R, Chris Hobson 2nd, Corin King 3rd, Jonny Bingham 1st, Steve Bowens 4th.

Many thanks to Nookie for sponsoring the Open HP category and supporting the sport of surf kayaking.

For more photos of the weekend and full details of all other categories, visit the NI Surf Kayaking website at

NI Surf Kayak Committee