Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hard Times!

Well it's been a bumpy start to 2009, Started in Morocco for some surf action [I'll post up some shots later] which unfortunately left me in a bad way in hospital with Leptosorosis! Totally drained and 2 stone lighter I needed cheering up so, a night out was definitely called for. At this point I'm thinking I'm definitely the unluckiest guy in the world! As a really nice bloke for no reason, punches me in the face, fractures my cheek and breaks my nose in two places!

Back into hospital for a small operation to get my nose back to straight [ish] and I left being told that under no circumstances was I to do anything to risk breaking it again for 6 weeks, argh! So here's some photos of me taking it easy for the first 4 weeks of recovery

Me not styling it up for the camera

Not getting my bike dirty @ Delamere Forest Bike Park

I'm not enjoying the Pyranha Ammo out on the rivers

Not making the most of Hurley on 4

I havent really been creekin in a playboat...

Not really having that much fun ;o)