Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Hey guys.

I've just arrived back in the UK and a bit jet lagged so sorry if this is a bit garbled! Just wanted to let you know that i've just won gold...again :-) at the Santa Cruz Kayak Surf Event in California. I had a good week training before the competition and was feeling good but really small waves made it an extremely tough event for everyone. Somehow I managed to find something to work with and make it to the final, by which time it started to shape up at about 5ft faces. It was still pretty weak surf so it was all about finding the best waves, taking off deep and solid surfing...not much opportunity to go off the lip or bust aerials so it was a really close final. Fortunatly for me i managed to find the best of the waves and pulled just ahead of USA team member and Santa Cruz local, Galen Licht. Winning the event feels great and especially as it's the 3rd year in a row (first time that's been done i think). But as always it's just great to get over there and surf with some great surfers and friends.

Thanks again to everyone for your continued support it's really appreciated. I know that Canoe Kayak magazine (USA) are putting together an article about the event so should have some shots in there. I'll be doing something for magazines here in the UK and has already got the news up. I'll also be getting some shots up on my blog asap.

In the meantime there's no let up. I'm talking at the Outdoor Show this weekend in the NEC, Birmingham...bit nervous but will be great for the sport. Then the coldwater series gets underway the weekend after and i've just started writing the book...which will definately keep me busy for the next year or so!

Hope everyone's well. Take it easy