Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Pimp your bag....

A suggestion from Team Rider and SRT Rescue 3 Instructor Alex Keller....
Make your Nookie Pro Throwline even better! On many rivertrips, steep creeks and deep gorges you've got your bag on you. But how often do you ever use it to throw? Most of the time, bags are used with the static
ropes for many other things than just to throw for swimmers. On advanced trips rope is needed to abseil, install safety backups and build Z-drags, pig-rigs and other rope systems. In most of these situations
ropehandling would be smoother and faster without the bag on it. With an simple system you are able to release your rope from the bag in a few seconds:

Open the knot inside your bag, take the rope out and cut a small piece off it. Melt the two new ends with a lighter. With the new piece you can build a small loop through the two holes in the bags bottom. Make sure
that this loop is not so big that you could grap through it with the hole hand from the outside (dangerous to get stuck in it). It is important for the loop too that you use a knot that holds for sure!
Recommanded is the Double Fisherman's knot or a Double Figure of Eight follow through. You must be able to connect the rope also on the bags end for high loads! Inside make a Double Figure of Eight into the new ropes end and connect it with a small karabiner to the loop. Make sure you don't take any karabiner. The small ones you find in every climbing store for a few pounds. They hold loads up to 2500kg and are cheep enough to leave somewhere in a gorge if you have to abseil and can't get back to take it with you. Note that hardware must be always stronger than the rope! And that knots take a lot of the ropes strength:
Knots from the Double Figure of Eight family between 20 and 30%, other knots up to 40%...

take care

Alex K
Nookie Team Rider