Monday, March 16, 2009

"A wave in Paris ???

Hi Dan,

Your new website is sick! Congrats!

I've made 2 vids of a wave in Paris but few things are in French.



Is that possible? Yes it is. France has more potential than we thought for Freestyle! The wave you’ll see on this clip is 15 minutes driving from Paris and 500 meters from where I live. It works from 2 to 8 weeks per year when the water is super high. If you want to know the address, just buy a Nestle product in France because their Headquarters is on the bank next to the wave =)
The clip shows many different paddlers from Paris in their routine including Jules Gallais, Julien Morel, Hugo Clouzeau, Bilal Dahamani, our guest star Sam Ward and me. Hope some of you understand French... or maybe it’s better for you not to listen to this shit lol!
When this spot isn’t working, we paddle at Joinville or Azy a new spot we have just found. Watch the pics !

Léo Carpene”

I’m also finishing another vid that i’ll send you in few days.

Have you seen my new DVD “Le Nil Blanc”???