Monday, June 22, 2009

The Californian Don!

After I had a wonderful time at the Nookie Creek Dayz in Switzerland I went to the USA for some more kayaking. The first week I spent in Vail, Colorado at the Teva Mountain Games. One week, 21 different competitions, partying all night long, good people and my 9th place in the creek race made this event one of the highlights of this year.
Then, two weeks later, I took my Teva van and drove together with Jakub Nemec to California. The rivers here are good stuff! Endless slides and drops. Every river is an adventure and takes mostly two days or more. But for those who don’t like hiking, portaging and driving a lot, it is not the paradise. I definitely prefer Switzerland with Team Nookie!
Enjoy summer buddy’s and the pics below!


Ron 'The Don' Fischer
Nookie Euro Team Rider