Saturday, June 06, 2009

Creek Dayz - Tessin

Creek Dayz - Tessin

Ron dropping in on the Lower Versazca, photo by James

Tessin is one of the most beautiful places in the World to go paddling and record snowfall over the winter has provided sweet water levels all through the spring, it seemed obvious that Tessin would be our next stop on the Creek Dayz tour.

Team riders Alex, Ron and James hanging out at the Ribo put in, photo by Hazel

Leaving the carnage behind the team headed to over the San Bernadino pass to hook up with team riders Ron Fischer and James Weir and with world renowned kayak photographer Raph Thiebaut. First stop was the Ribo, the river provided many opportunities for Raph and the other photographers to ply their trade and for the team riders to style it up, check it out.

Ron leading the team down towards the Ribo gorge, photo by Sanne

Ron styling on the first drop of the Ribo gorge, photo by James

Alex flying on the Ribo, photo by Sanne

Tim lining up for the Ribo fall, photo by James

James dropping the Ribo fall, photo by Sanne

Time is money and all that so after a session of high fives it was back on the road heading towards the stunning Versazca valley, first stop the James Bond dam all 220metres of it! We were lucky to find a beautiful riverside camp complete with firewood for a BBQ.

Shooting fireballs from the hand is a prerequisite for being a Nookie team rider, photo by James

As is catching MM's in your mouth! photo by James

There was no need to make a plan for the next day, the Versazca is one of the most beautiful rivers in Europe and yet other chance to mix top class paddling with great photographers, the results speak for themselves.

The Versazca, a beautiful place to paddle, photo by James

Ron at the Secret spot, photo by Hazel

Thanks to Nookie for great stuff and supporting us and thanks to Raph for some awesome photos and finally to Ron, Alex, Tim, Hazel, Raph, Sanne, Laura and Tim for a great few days in the magical Tessin.

Top tip from the team, safety first!