Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Nookie Creek Dayz (Part 1) - Graubunden, Suisse

I love working in the paddling industry, unexpected exciting opportunities crop up all the time, and the first Nookie Creek Dayz was definitely one opportunity I wasn't going to miss.

International Nookie Team Riderz gathered in the beautiful Swiss Alps for adventure and mis-adventure ; )
The incredible snow melt and blazing sunshine provided the best conditions we could have hoped for, things were off to an awesome start.

We warmed up on the Glenner near Illanz which was quite literally cracking! An incident in a stopper, combined with a temporary loss of paddles and a rock to the head. I finally rolled up, the inevitable amount of time under water proved years of squirting had paid off. (I think even the boys might have mumbled they were impressed I rolled after that length of time.)
After a visit to the hospital where I was stitched and glued I was ready to paddle again.

Steri-strips courtesy of Team Rider Rob Yates. "Thanks Rob!"
If only Nookie made helmets : )
Team Rider: Hazel Wilson
Pic: Rob Yates

Over a tasty bar-b-q that included Ostrich we decided to head to the beautiful Cristallina for the next days paddling.

The put-in, Cristallina.
Team Rider: Alex Keller
Pic: Hazel Wilson

Due to my new found pirate (one-eyed) status I was elected to be team photographer for the day.
The boys were lucky with a great water level. They paddled the river and scouted their way into the gorge entrance with rescue support when necessary. This river claimed our next victim. Rob Yates broke his foot while providing safety at one of the drops and provided me with a second visit to the hospital in as many days, but not before he insisted the rest of the team finished paddling. I'm sure the team were grateful because they managed to squeeze in these two beauties:

Team Rider: Tim Copplestone
Pic: Hazel Wilson

Team Rider: Alex Keller
Pic: Hazel Wilson

This is just a taster from the beginning of the Nookie Creek Dayz. Keep posted for more pics and tales from our road trip down to the Ticino/Tessin region.

Hazel : )