Friday, August 07, 2009

Norway Part II - 24 Hour Sun

The 2nd instalment from Norway, 24 hour sun!

After the warm up we met up with a couple of Norwegians who where heading North. Tore is writing a new guide book for Norway, he knows his stuff. So we tagged along to see what North Norway was all about.

We were greeted a wealth of virtually unexplored, world class rivers and 24 hour daylight. With time threwn out of the window as we passed Trondigm, we had 6 days [I think!?] of 24 hour boating darting across the Norwegian / Swedish Border. Unsuprisingly finding a good time to have an epic being 2:30am! Up here we even bagged a 1st descent - but that's another story!
Stunning scenery, Stunning Crystal clear water, Stunning Paddling - another day - another river
Rockin it up in the evening sun on a tidy class V on the Ena
Drop to Slide Combo in Sweden

The view from my bed @2am!

More photos and info can be found on my Blog Here

I'll post up more from week three - Voss & Sjoa, next week...
Stay Wet