Monday, December 21, 2009

How good's the Assassin?

I get a call from the guys @ Pyranha telling me to get myself to Hurley, it's on 3 and they want me to go paddle the new Molan. If you live in the UK you know that most of it looks like a Christmas card right now which means one thing it's freezing cold and the roads will be all clogged up with stupid people driving into each other / trees / other inanimate objects (delete as appropriate). Cutting a long rant short eventually arrive at Hurley as its getting dark with about 40 minutes to spare... thing for it step out of the car into the Assassin. throw around a freestyle boat (which is mighty fine btw - go try one) in the the snow and ice for 40 minutes, step out of the Assassin get in the car. Perfect! One word of wisdom though holed jeans and a Howies tee don't make for good thermal layers!
On the way to the weir, yes that is snow & yes it is sunset.

Warm, dry and feeling a little bit like James Bond