Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Summer season warm up

Alright I don't want to whine. My winter season wasn't that bad. I had a great trip to Colombia and Chile for three months. But then February and March were a grey time. But then, April begins, the evenings became longer and the sun got more and more power, but still no water in the Alps because it's still too cold. Perfect time to go to French island Corsica.

I love Corsica! This year I went for my sixth time there. From my home it's just a six hour drive to the ferry which takes another four. Temperatures are normally at least ten degrees Celsius plus compared to home and it's warm enought to camp outside, enjoy campfire, french wine and friends. Corsica has great local food like cheese and dry meat, this together with a local sweet white wine is just a perfect little lunch after some creekboating.

It's every season the same. After a few cold months at home, lot's of work and some snowboarding, then it's time to get back in the boat and do what I love most and hopefully most of you too. When I start to watch the same kayak movie ten times and read some articles in Kayak Session Magazine more then once, that means I haven't been in the kayak for two months and thats a too long time!

Corsica is the place where modern Creekboating grew up. Kayakers go there since more then thirty years and it's unbelievablel how they ran these small and narrow creeks with their four meter fiberclass kayaks.

Corsica is definitely one of my favourite kayak regions. Its close to my home, always a super fun roadtrip, perfect warm-up for the season and it hides just a incredible amount of great rivers in a very small place. I like!
This year a very special hightlight happened to me. My almost ten years younger/taller brother Tim joined us on the trip and got addicted to the sport! Let's see how long it takes till he shows me the good line....:)

Thanks to Tim Fischer & Arnd Schaeftlein for all the photos
Ron 'The Don' Fischer
Nookie Team Rider