Sunday, June 06, 2010

StraightDownStriit and the Nookie FotoKontest

Hidden at the top of quiet valley in Switzerland there is a crazy little creek that is home to one of the best boater cross races and party's on the European kayaking calendar, its name is Straight Down Striit. SDS was born in 2007 when a small group of friends including Team Rider Ron Fischer got together and had a race, it was the start of something crazy. In 2008 Nookie was asked to sponsor the event, to relive the highlights of 2008 look here.

This year SDS was back bigger and badder than ever and so was the Nookie FotoKontest, congratulations to the winners who all took home 100CHF prize money for their winning fotos.

Winner of the lifestyle category Florian

Winner of the fun category David

Winner of the creek race category Sveta

And some more fotos of the Team Riders in action because they are easier than words on a Sunday morning!

Tim Copplestone boofing out on the second drop

James Weir charging in the timetrail

Event organiser Silvan taking it easy, good work fella.

Alex Keller being cheered on by Bobby

Tim Copplestone deep in the action

Nookie product designer Hazel Wilson checking out the race course

Ron Fischer, Team Rider, event organiser and Silver medal winner in the boater cross

Big props to Silvan, Ron, Luc and Lukas for organising an awesome event and to Nookie, Teva and Red Bull for putting their money where their mouth is, see you for the next one.

***Check out cool party photos from Daniel Bally here***

Paddle hard, stay safe