Wednesday, August 04, 2010

A letter that was emailed to us this morning.....

Hi All, Several weeks ago we purchased two cockpit covers. While on a paddling trip one parted company with our kayak, never to be seen again. You were kind enough to replace this FOC, we then purchased a third, and have been very happy with them. I thought you might be interested in our recent experience with them on our annual pilgrimage to the Alps.
We set off for the Alps on the 23rd July sharing a car with friends to help spread the costs. We loaded our kit into the kayaks to save space and fitted the cockpit covers, we loaned our third cover to our travelling companion. It was an uneventful but tiring trip, until we got to the south of France, we missed our normal turn off into the Alps and ended up going a route we had not used before. This was a dramatic but stunning climb up 2500 meters almost single track road with not a lot between us and the valley below. During our journey we had made several brief stops to ensure our kayaks remained secure on the roof rack. So what happened next came as a bit of a shock. At 2500mtrs we passed through a small tunnel on the other side of the tunnel there was what can only be described as a bomb crater which we could not see, as we hit the crater the car flexed and the front section of the roof rack came away from its fixing points. Our kayaks over took the car complete with roof rack front section, in the process taking the windscreen wipers, denting the bonnet and front wing, They then veered off to the right and tumbled down the side of the mountain on the cockpit covers, we could only see the valley floor at this stage and were assuming the worst. At some point the load flipped over and the roof rack momentarily act as an anchor before parting company with the kayaks which carried on down the mountain. Very hesitantly we disembarked the car fearing the worst to try and locate our kayaks and all our kit; we found the lot more that 150 meters down the side of the mountain. We scrambled down to inspect the damage and recover our prized positions. Once on level ground it became apparent that our investment in Nookie cockpit covers was a sound one. All our kit had been retained in the now badly beaten and heavily gouged kayaks. Our cockpit covers are no longer fit for purpose, but they were put through we think a fairly severe battering (test) and performed way above what we would have expected. Well done Nookie superb product, well worth the money. Once we have saved up the money to repair the damage to the car we will defiantly replace the cockpit covers. Now not only tested by your EVO, but also tested with a high altitude drop of more than 150meters down rock strewn slopes after a projectile release at 50KPH from the roof of a car. What else could you ask for? Thanks guys great product that does what it says on the tin. Look out for our future order for our replacements. Kindest Regards Robert and William

More info about the Cockpit Covers at this link