Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Matt Kenna in Canada

So, after hours and hours of sifting through footage and photo's and try to find the right track the Canada video is made and online here:

Choppervision/LP Canada Tour- Summer 2010 from matt kenna on Vimeo.

Mark Childerhouse, Joe Bradley and I spent a month over in Canada this summer and were treated, after waiting for three years, to lower summer water levels. Now, although most people may think low levels are bad it means that Big Joe and pyramid wave on the lachine rapids are in. We spent the majority of our time in Montreal surfing the lachine rapids and enjoying the Canadian sun with occasional trip over to the Ottawa to see our friends working there and have a go on a bad Garb. Although garb was bad, we paddled babyface for a few days and concentrated on the harder tricks on small waves such as pistol flips, pan ams and air screws, and by the end were hitting them consistently. Anyway, check the video and the photo's and hopefully there will be a few more over the website in the next few month :) ohhhhh and be sure to check out the new Boardies and Absolute Deck, I had them delivered and they are amazing, especially the new deck! And as I write this, I have just got in from HPP in my Assassin Drysuit and am totally bone dry!! Enjoy your winter boating more with one of the new Nookie Drysuits too!!

Sweet,catch ya on the water, go big! Matt Kenna