Monday, January 24, 2011

Chile - a different way

Back home from my trip to Chile after an unfortunate series of problems

- airport-traffic-control strike for two days
- broken car on the way to the airport

- lost baggage and lost boat & paddles for three days

- several stops at the mechanics

After all I had to realize that one of my three weeks was wasted. But there was plenty of time to enjoy these amazing rivers. Equipped with the new and fantastic sample of the commend Assault I was ready to head to Pucon with an awesome side trip to the Rio Claro that I had to check.

Directly after the run I put out my list of misfortune and added one more point:
- another visit at a mechanic, but now including an overnight in his front yard (dumping ground)

After we arrived in our residential timber cottage with our own gay combat-dog (poor Maxi), a hot-tub on the terrace, with a view over the Lago Villarica and the volcano (thanks for that Maxi) we were ready to run the classics.

As nearly all of you know these amazing rivers - it was fantastic! After some training runs on the upper Palguin there was no way around the Upper Palguin Race. But directly after the start my competitor jumped full tilt off the ramp on my left arm. Meant the end of the race after one meter. That was just another point of my lovely list.

- demolished left arm

But some painkillers and lots of beers helped me to proceed next days. Ah, and another point of the list:

- a little car accident

And what is the best way to cool down your mood directly after a crash and before the date at the police station. Yeah - park `n huck the 70 footer on the middle. Lunch, get the direction, throw the paddle, lean forward and wait for the impact and thinking why I don`t play chess!

The next days followed with some more little park `n huck actions and a few river runs, I had to recognize that my left arm needs more and more a time-out, not only because my list extended:

- boat cracked twice

Finally it was the right decision to end the trip without more heroics. Strange, that I missed the earthquake… That would have round my list!

Just to say: Preparing my arm for Chile - Part II

Thanks to Seppi and Maxi for these wonderful pics!

Alex Rodegro
Nookie Team Rider