Friday, June 24, 2011

Just Norway

Norway - just this one word causes sequences of images in every ambitious paddler’s head. So it wasn’t very surprising that we (Philip Baues, Thilo Schmitt, Thilo Wietzke) couldn’t expect to get on the plane after overloading our kayaks after the weight control. Thanks for the little hint by the nice check-in lady: “I can’t see what happens behind the next corner, before you drop off the kayaks.” Sweet!

“Everything is pretty full on!” This was our welcoming with a big smile by Benjamin Hjort. And a local “full on” is a scary “full on”. Just to mention that it was absurd to see, that, if there was the idea to run the tunnel-drop, you should keep your head down, not to smash it against the tunnel! Really not runnable!

Numedaslagen, enough water...

Guided by Benj we went to the region around Voss and checked most of the classics and even some rare ones like the Hemsil. Like Benji told us, we were the lucky fellows. It isn't running often!

It's better to melt this one on the Jordal, even if the boil pretends to be soft - it isn't!

Lake to lake. Nothing more to say... (count 1 of the boats)

Days of rain brought us a running Teigdalen – my own little mission: First try - we hiked out directly after the confluence after Philip lost his boat and paddle during scouting. Second try on a good flow – I hiked out at the same spot, after I had recognize that I really felt uncomfortable with my too small creek-boat. The group went further and found the lost gear nearly without any scratches and got rewarded on top with a perfect flow on the double drop. Third try – I cracked my second big rental boat directly before the entrance fall. Sh...!

This beautiful slide was the end of my runs for three times! Argh!

the confluence

Absolutely pissed off, knowing I can’t run the whole river again, I boofed the entrance fall and ran the next two slides with a sinking boat. And then? Yes, I hiked out again at the confluence… Picked up by Philip, who ruined his back with a hard boof of a 10m waterfall a few days before, we drove down. After a quick provisional repair I headed up and joined my buddies at the top of the double drop.

Bring your balls...

...don't fuck up the boof...

...and be ready for melting!

Finally I stouted the “DD” on a perfect line. So there is no way around coming back to Voss running the complete section. Nothing more to say than thanks to Benji for his great hospitality!

Searching for the next destination...

Our little résumé: a scary upside down slide at local flow on the Brandset + one clinched back after boofing a 10m waterfall + one burst knee during scouting + two smashed boats + two lost paddles + a few swims + a lot of fun!

Alex Rodegro
Nookie Team Rider