Monday, August 08, 2011

Air or Beer?

The last two weeks have been a lot of fun out in Peru! Holland has been a great addition to the antics out here, pushing things in the waves and keeping us entertained off the water. Huanchaco was the perfect place to end the trip, with consistent waves and long rides. It always has been... BUT this time with the help of Marc we found a new section which has been right under my nose for the past year and a half! The last section down by the pier, way down from the point is fast, steep and serves up air on a plate! Holland's little game was this; who ever hits the biggest air doesn't pay for their beer for the evening and despite doing my best to take him down, I have to admit my wallet is now empty- check him flying!

Huge thanks to Huanchaco for living up to expectations and of course for Chicama for waking up for us last week, let’s not forget the great food at Otra Casa and their massive breakfasts. With one last bus journey left we splashed out and booked ourselves onto Excluciva for the most luxurious 8 hour ride in Peru, check out Marc in his pimping chair!

Nathan Eades