Thursday, August 04, 2011

Is the new Nookie Deck the most bomb proof on this planet?

Following some epic waves at Chicama surfing countless Kilometres, we headed up to Lobitos 8 hours north to score some waves at a heavy barrelling break named Pasinas. Marc Holland was hunting the barrel and took some heavy curtains right on his lap, his deck didn't budge an inch! Lobitos was busy with the Peruvian holidays co-insiding with the middle of our tour so we hit the water at 5am before the biggest crowd I have seen in my life entered the water at 6.30 am. Having got what we came for, we headed to Mancorra for cocktails and sunshine, before taking another 8 hour bus ride back down to Trujillo and onto Huanchaco. Huanchaco has a lovely set up; loads of great places to eat, constant waves and a chilled vibe in the water... We'll be here for the remainder of the week surfing waves and sipping back cold cervezas. Holland took some solid waves on the head today and again his deck didn't even flinch...Following the punishment I gave it in Chile along with Holland's constant abuse out here, we are starting to think that this may just be the best surf deck of all time!

Nathan Eades & Marc Holland