Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Nord Norge

The last two weeks, Mariann and I have been on a road trip to “northern Norway“. As you probably know, Norway is a very loong and big country! The area called “north“ surprisingly starts even before you are halfway through it. Anyway... after passing Trondheim, you see fewer villages, cars and people. The landscape is more remote than the south, with big forests, beautiful lakes and rivers. Now it‘s time to lean back, set the cruise control and enjoy a long drive northwards.

me running Laksforsen...one of the biggest rapids in europe

After an eight hours drive from Otta we arrived in Hatfielldal, where we met up with Benjamin Hjort to paddle the rivers in the area. Since waterlevels are very low at this time of year, we could run every section of whitewater on the Susna river. Including one complete descent of a yet unrun canyon.

where is acces to the river?...the blond lady asked the farmer...

Mariann after the crux of the lower Susna canyon
Later we met Simon Westgarth, Jakub Sedivy, Dag Sandvik, Nini and Erika to paddle some more sections on the Vefsna and Fiplingdalserva. Good times!
Jakub Sedivy on the Fiplingdalen
Mariann and I wanted to see some more of the country and drove along the coast further north. Due to the fiords, Norways coastline is more than 20‘000km long and amazingly beautiful. The mountains become bigger, with higher cliffs and snow capped. Out in the sea you see thousands of islands and once in a while you get a glimps of the second biggest glacier of Norway, called Svartisen. Right there, just a bit north of the arctic circle,in a fiord, right by the sea with the view of impressive mountains and amazing sunsets,... Mariann bought a piece of land.
not kidding... this is the morning view from the property...
We spent one day chilling in the sun and driving around to see the area. The next day we climbed a random peak you can see from the property. 833 meters high, with a beautiful view of Svartisen and the sea.
chill time after 800 meter ascent... view of Svartisen
Then it was time to get back in the kayak and after a short scouting mission of some possible first descents we want to do next year, we met up again with the boys/girls and paddled the Rana and Løndalselva, in addition to the Mjoelkelva with it‘s incredible triple combo.
granit paradise on the Løndalselva
amazing canyon on the lower Vefsna
Befoe we got back in the van to drive all the way south again, I got a hold of all the balls I have and ran the infamous Laksforsen, one of the biggest drops in Europe. And one of the best rapids I‘ve ever run!...I look forward to do it again next year, then hopefuly without having the bootie beer afterwards..... Since running Rheinfall in the spring, this was the second time this year I got ripped out of the kayak upon impact. Think i need to work on my outfitting :)
Ha de bra!