Sunday, January 22, 2012

Chile Part II

What kind of feeling is similar to the one, when you’re holding the tickets to Santiago de Chile in your hands? Somehow it’s a little orgasm. Somehow? No, it is! So it was, when the tickets arrived in December 2011. Redemption was the mission! Because my last trip to Chile was a little bit complicated (missed gear at the airport, broken car for several times, injury, etc.). This time should be better.

Of course Thilo Wietzke and I had the same discussions with our boats at the Check-In like nearly every time. “This is not surfboard! What’s the weight?” Knowing that all our shit is in there, I gave the same dumb answers as always: “It’s a surf-kayak. The weight is max. 25 kg.” To demonstrate the featherweight, I lifted one up, acting that it is no problem. But in truth I almost broke my back. The check-in guy nodded and was pleased. The first hurdle was taken. Calmed down we entered the airport lounge. Snacks ‘n beers for free. Not so bad, dude. Not so bad.

Arrived in SCL we had to recognize that… What do you think? Yes, the kayaks didn’t fly with us! WTF! But we were pretty lucky, because we found an airline member who told us, that the stuff will send to our destination at the next day. So we decided to jump on a bus to Pucón without our kayaks. But it was not even lunch time and we had to wait a f*****g whole day at the bus station. Reaction: A short visit on a market and then a lot of beers in ugly pub. Never saw such a nasty toilette before!

Next morning we arrived in Pucón and met Anne Hübner and John Blake. To our surprise everything was arranged: an apartment and a rental car. Did we booked a package trip?! Haha. We just had to hang around till the courier arrived. Waiting at Latitude 39 (of course with some beers) the courier arrived in the evening with our kayaks. Winning! So the next days we got in shape in the area around Pucón.

Upper Palguin

With the right feeling in our asses we headed up north to the Rio Claro, escaping from the rainy days in Pucón. 22 waterfall section + Entre Saltos + Las Siete Tazas - nothing more to say. We had a little action at the Gargante del Diabolo. Always bring a replacement paddle with you! Don’t miss the Rio Laja on the way. It’s a sweet roller-coaster without eddies, length about 4km. Yeah!

Las Siete Tazas

Back in Pucón we were pretty fired up to run the complete Nevado. Together with Nick Murphy we styled the Demshitz drop on a juicy flow. These moments are the one I’m living for! Winning again!

Demshitz Drop

After a couple of days in Pucón with a couple of hangovers we headed south to the Rio Negro, reinforced by the youngsters Daniel Riedmüller and Paul Meylahn. Great scenery and a great river. One of my favorites since that run!

Rio Negro

On the way we hit the Rio Fuy. But sadly there was too much water even for waterfalls on the upper part.

Let's portage...

The next big plan was to run the big Salto del Nilahue. What we found was Mordor. Floating rocks (cause of the active volcano) and a risen brown water level after a stormy night caused an uneasy feeling in our stomachs and our balls shrinked to peas. Back in Pucón we heard that it was quite good to run, even with the floating rocks in it. Shit, next time.


The last paddle days in Pucón we ran the park ‘n huck on the Coilaco and of course the 70 footer on the middle Palguin. The balls were big again, but the trip was over

Rio Coilaco - Park 'n Huck

Middle Palguin

At the return date we spend a great day at the lake in Pucón together with all fellows preparing us with a lot of beers to get tired for the long bus ride to SCL. Winning! So everything was in the flow during the whole trip. Even to pass the check-in with our gear in SCl and the 12 hours flight was quite easy. I had got a 4 seat row for me alone. Quite comfortable. Winning again!

During I’m writing this article I’m getting nervous again! What’s next in 2012? I’ll come up with some ideas, that’s for sure!

Big thanks to Thilo Wietzke, Anne Hübner, John Blake, Nick Murphy, Daniel Riedmüller and Paul Meylahn for these wonderful shots! It was a pleasure to me running all the shit with you!

See you soon!

Alex Rodegro
Nookie Team Rider