Tuesday, March 06, 2012

All new throwlines ready to ship...

...We resisted updating our classic throwline design for a long time. After all, it had the best throw characteristics on the market. But we had to rethink it around a new rope which offers strength and performance characteristics we could only have dreamed about a few years back. So today all the little tweaks and features that we've been sitting on for ten years have suddenly been rolled out in an all new throwline range.

 The new 10mm cored Polypropylene floating rope feels good and ties and unties well. And offers an incredible strength rating of 13kN (1300/2915lbs). It knocks the competition out. The new bag has a funnel shaped opening with 'easy-pack' grab handles for speedy re-pack. It keeps the classic Nookie features like the fail-safe dual release closure with anti-corrosion press stud backed up with Velcro, floating foam wall and the hi-vis panels with retro-reflective piping. Made in the UK from high grade 500D Cordura® and Enduro Mesh. This really is as tough as they come and offers pro rescue performance in an everyday, easy to handle package, at a mid range price! Available in 15m or 20m versions.

The Hornet version is a more compact line, using an 8mm version of the rope to pack 18m of throwable length into a mini sized bag. It's the ultimate personal throwline. Still has 9KN strength (917kg/2018lbs), far exceeding requirements for anything but a major mechanical rescue.

You can check these little babies out now at http://nookie.co.uk/throwline