Friday, March 30, 2012

Delta Shock Deck

Unlike the hardcore whitewater decks like the Absolute, this one is super easy to get on and off. It still fits perfectly, keeps your boat dry even in rough water, and the dive density neoprene resists minor bumps and scrapes while the stretchier waist part ensures comfort and freedom of movement. It's glued, blindstitched and hot-melt taped for absolutely bomber construction.
The Delta Shock Deck is a exceptional spraydeck which will hug tightly onto your boat. Ideal for entry level to intermediate whitewater,  sea touring, and for more extreme use on composite type cockpits. It has an adjustable knee off strap for extra reassurance should you be concerned about getting out, as well as the usual manual pull-strap at the front. Fantastic for beginners or experienced paddlers alike!

Also back in stock today we have the new design cockpit cover. Made from a super stretchy neoprene, this cover is a handy one size fits nearly everything, great for those of us who have multiple boats in our quiver. It keeps aliens out and wet kit in, and we think you'll agree it is eye-catching in the most awesome way

Finally a little reminder about the amazing Rivermonster XT pfd, which we honestly believe is the most complete, functional and all-round bonkers whitewater vest in the world right now. You can check it out at 

As Darren-Clarkson-King (the only person to solo both rivers on Everest) so eloquently put it:

"it was my choice for the 8848 trip and I could have had any vest - it works so bloody well"

Thanks Daz!