Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sox on the beach... or anywhere you want within reason

There's been a bit of online confusion lately about the best way to enjoy your sox, so we thought we'd try to clear things up. Pictured here are the Nookie Ti Sox. They are made from 2mm Titanium lined neoprene with flatlocked stitching, and are intended for wear inside shoes, dive or bodyboard fins, drysuit or drypant booties, or generally anywhere that you want super comfortable easy on-off socks that will insulate your tootsies. You can wear them on the beach as shown, or for strolling around on soft surfaces, but the Titanium in the name is for insulation and comfort purposes and does not make them bulletproof as implied by the David Guetta song of the same name. They are liner sox, to be worn inside something. At this they are very good, and very economically priced. Used as intended, they last an annoyingly long time when you'd kinda like to get the latest colour and graphics. Check out more tech spec at

Pictured below, are the Nookie Xtreme Sox. They are still sox, but they have a very different role, namely that of protecting your skin when you're paddling a boat that doesn't have enough footroom for rivershoes. Like a freestyle boat or a squirt boat, and many surf kayaks. The sox have Kevlar bits to protect the high wear areas against abrasion from the boat without the problems of sticky rubber, and a combination of denser neoprene where you need protection and superstretch neoprene to give a great fit. The sole has a mildly reinforcing and grippy print, so you don't fall down. You're not guaranteed not to fall down, btw. But we've done our best. They are glued and blindstitched construction. So basically they are awesome, as sox go. However, please note we recommend you take a pair of sandals or similar if you're going to walk around on rocks, tarmac etc. Cos they are tough, but they still sox, see? Not shoes.

You can check these babies out at