Sunday, November 11, 2012

The great H

Summer cut back JOB style 
Hey guys , so i wanted to take a moment  tot share a bit of local passion .
Hurley weir has been my go to , five mins away, back garden , on my doorstep Wave ever since i was old enough to crawl !
I have spent all my life escaping the first world , but this is the real reason i keep coming back . Hurley weir is like the centre of my universe, and am pretty privileged to have it on my door step.
Its arguably a one of a kind premier european wave .

Nookie TI 
Any how after spending my entire life attempting to shred and copy the style of the likes of Jamie O Brian , i thought i would slam together a cheeky short video. It was shot in the late spring and all through the summer , all of our sessions were at about half past six in the morning wearing the Nookie TI vest ( the best invention since life its self ) after watching the video perhaps you will conclude that along with fit , function,  flexibility, durability and style its the must make purchase for all your summer / winter sun kayaking shenanigans  .
If you so feel compelled to run out and buy one , you will find them at all good kayaking retailers or you can take a look at the Nookie online shop .
Nookie Skinz 

doug shreds the H from douglas cooper on Vimeo.